Business Workflow Process Management Automation Software

SmartDocs - SmartFlo

SAP certified Native Technology BPM platform

Workflow Engine

  • Minimal programming needed
  • Process definitions

SAP and NON-SAP Steps

  • Integrate SAP and NON-SAP steps in any process flow

Smart Rules Engine

  • Configurable business roles

Access from Anywhere

  • Browser based access
  • Access with full audit trail

Mobile Access

  • Access from any device

Process Agents Infrastructure

  • Complete configuration for dynamic process agents

Process Analytics

  • Suite of reports on process metrics

Process Optimization

  • Efficient implement methodology

Rapid Deployment

  • Quick implementation
  • Rapid Workflow Modelling

    No need for lengthy projects

  • Access work terms anywhere

    Browser based access as well as via mobile devices

  • SAP and NON-SAP Agents

    Include SAP and NON-SAP Users in process flows


Absolutely, process steps can be any combination of SAP and Non-SAP steps.

Sure. SmartFlow includes approval matrix which can facilitate approval by Non-SAP users.

Yes. SmartFlow includes and ABAP add-on which gives native access all SAP master and transactional data

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No hardware required

Rapid Deployment

Go-Live with in few days

SAP Certified

No modification to SAP

Comprehensive Platform

Complete content management and BPM platform