Everything that any HR Team need to manage content
  • HR Intranet
  • On-boarding Portal
  • Process Workflow
  • Analytics
  • Knowledge Bot
Employee Document Management

Employee management software takes away some of the pressure and stress that is often observed between managers and employees. It allows for an environment that encourages low stress communication and help employees and managers work together towards meeting organizational goals

  • Once your employee comes onboard and submits his personal document you can use smart people corner Employee document management module, which can help you to store and track all important documents of your employee and your organization.
  • It ensures to keep right compliance by getting an alert on email well in advance before expiry date by keeping track of no. of documents expiring in between the selected period.

  • You can also store/search different kind of documents like Passport, Visa, Driving license and also all qualification proof your employee for record purpose.

Process Workflow

People Corner platform helps companies dramatically decrease the workload of managing their Rewards and Recognition programs through automation. Set up company specific rewards along with unique approval workflows for each reward, automate service anniversary awards and birthday wishes and allocate budgets to Business Units and/or People Managers

Employee On-boarding

On-boarding content management including On-boarding Portal

Employee self-onboarding software can help you complete paperwork before the new hire’s start date and get everyone introduced quickly with welcome emails and team introductions.

The new hire onboarding software helps you exchange vital information with new hires. They’ll feel prepared since they’ll get all the instructions they need for their first day, and you’ll receive their basic information and signed paperwork before they come in.

  • Provide new employees with a positive first experience in their new job
  • Monitor the status of the On-boarding process through each step
  • Improves the service HR provides to new employees, ensuring they are ready for work on day one.
Help Desk

Support you and your HR team in delivering the best possible customer service to your employees with People Corner HR Ticketing System.

When ever they like , Employees can find the information about health insurance, benefits, and other policies.

  • Employee queries in HR Policies and procedures
  • Employee queries in Payroll, expense and internal communications
  • Employee queries in Process of Job referring


Secured sharing of employee documents on permission base


Powerful Reports Help you make better decisions, faster.


Gain instant HR insights(an accurate). Quick. Custom. Precise.

Process Workflow

People Corner product providing Easy workflow integration in no time, no need of coding knowledge.

Centralized Repository

By storing all employee information in a Central Repository it can be shared, updated, analyzed and secured by every user in an organization.

On Boarding Site & HR Site

Onboarding is the integration process use to ensure a smooth transition of a new employees before Day 1

Audit report

Advanced audit report for audit trial & Systematically reviewing all aspects of HR

Email Notifications

We support, Predefined Email & SMS alerts for required notifications & alerts.

Powerful Search

Finding the right document in no time with possible metadata information Employee Name, Location, Designation.. etc on specific criteria

Customized Request Forms

We support different types of the request form for relocation Request, Leave Request, New Joining Request, Referral Request, Training Request etc

Platform Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with leading HRMS systems (e.g. Success Factors , sap hcm) for automatic data-synchronization.

Web and Mobile Access

People Corner application can access from any browser/mobile & it improve their processes, Minimize delay in your HR activities while your moving

1. What benefits do we have with SmartDocs People Corner?

  • Greater Productivity
  • Decreases the time it takes to process
  • Reduce Paper
  • Storing all information in a Central Repository
  • Improves decision making
  • Reduced Cost
  • Improved Communication

2. What are the advantages of bots or AI?

AI based chatbots for status querying from skype or facebook.

3. Where do documents get stored?

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

4. Do we need to install any server or software?

No servers are needed. The core application is an ABAP add-on that runs on your SAP ECC system.