SAP Data Archiving

Data Archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage device for long-term retention. Archive data consists of older data that is still important to the organization and may be needed for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance


Removing infrequently used data from computer hard drives will help systems run faster and make current files easier to locate


Automated archiving can help lower future backup and storage costs by reducing administrative overhead


cloud-based platform also enables customers to keep data as long as they want by providing them with specific Recovery Point Objectives

Optimize SAP Database

SmartDocs SmartStore Solution delivers a simpler way to free up storage space in SAP (content offloading), improves response time and system availability and solves performance issues caused by large volumes of database tables or old transaction data.

Archive SAP data files from any SAP business suite application

Archive SAP business documents and associated metadata ( attributes & linked document)

Enable SAP users to easily access and display from SAP user interface documents that are now stored in - SmartDocs archiving repository

Enable non-SAP users to access, view and share documents directly from SmartDocs archiving portal interface for improved user experience

Secure and compliant long-term storage of Archived Data

S4 HANA Optimization

If you plan to do a system conversion to SAP S/4 HANA, you will benefit from data archiving before migrating to SAP HANA as it reduces the memory of your database

The data that has been archived before the migration is still accessible in SAP Suite on HANA and S/4HANA.

Data volume management with SAP data archiving is the best approach for before migration to HANA and also in the productive

Identifying the Right Data to Archive

In the spirit of digitization initiatives taken by organizations across the length and breadth of the company which results in exponential growth of the data/documents of the SAP Systems. It is now a necessity more than a requirement to manage this data effectively keeping in mind scalability, performance, risks, and costs. For administrators to decide which data to keep and what to remove is a time-consuming task which needs help and effective tools. SmarDocs implementation covers these various finer details and works with the organization to identify and accomplish effective archiving.

  1. Not all data needs to be archived
  2. Inline with the various compliance and retention policies
  3. Identify the data that can be aggregated
  4. Obsolete, trivial and duplicate data can be deleted

Cloud Based

Archive your business critical data in the cloud , A cloud archive is a storage as a service for long-term data retention. The archive holds data that is infrequently accessed, and may be optimized for security and compliance with data regulation policies , Storing archived data in the cloud can be cost-effective when compared with storing and maintaining large amounts of nonessential data in-house.

Improve your organisation’s productivity by spending less time managing and maintaining your on-premises backup storage infrastructure

Durable, highly available and massively scalable cloud storage

Archiving solutions to the cloud will reducing cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability



Cloud or On-prime repository

Archiving solutions to the cloud will reducing cost and complexity, while achieving efficiency and scalability.

Get rid of Documents stored to Database

Take inactive data and moves it to a storage device for long-term retention, freeing up operational storage space and shortening backup windows.

Clear Database of Unnecessary old data

SmartDocs Smartstore Solutions will help you to set retention values and deletion options once the retention has been exceeded. It delete data from both the archive and standard file system locations.

Increase Performance

Improve system availability , Performance and capacity can be seamlessly scaled without service interruption.

Reporting and Logging

SmartDocs Smartstore Solutions provides both reporting and logging of all processes. Reports are available for archive and retrieval jobs as well as content indexing. There is a GUI audit trail to track changes to the system.

Storage Reduction

Storage Reduction is the process of minimizing the amount of data that needs to be stored in a data storage environment which increase storage efficiency , reduce cost and impact on performance

The Data Archiving Project and Its Phases


Table Sizes

Growth Rate


Archiving Object



Implementation Plan

Documentation Concept

Archiving Concept


SAP Notes


Server Config.

Storage System






SAP Data Archiving has long been a recommended practice. Majority of organizations use expensive storage for unused or infrequently accessed data.

Data archive reduces the size of your database, keeps it manageable in the long term and allows you to control the data growth of your SAP applications


Reducing your database size will reduce the amount of transactions for your CPUs to process and freeing up space on


Reducing space on the system will improve system response time and run more efficiently for longer.


With more data to process, you’ll require additional CPUs, resulting in additional hardware, maintenance and storage costs. Minimize excessive growth and nonessential infrastructure costs by archiving your SAP data into more cost-effective, long-term storage devices.

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