Optimize SAP Systems Archiving SAP Data

Every business transaction generates data and increases the volume of your SAP database. The growing volume of data impacts system performance, backup and restore times are prolonged and system administration and storage costs increase. SmartDocs SmartStore together with standard SAP data archiving tools, offloads data from the SAP system, compresses it to a fraction of its original size and stores it on a secure and compliant platform. Offloaded data is deleted in the SAP database, freeing up resources and space while still allowing this information to be easily accessed by the users.

SAP Infrastructure Business Support
Faster Upgrades Reduce Costs No User Training SAP ILM
Increase Performance Minimize Hardware Compliance & Audit SAP Any Version
Streamline Database Increase Security & Storage Reduce TCO & Improve ROI SAP S/4 for HANA
Seamless Data Integration  Accelerate Backup & Recovery Retention & Risk management Cloud / On-Premise

Currently/Moving to “SAP for HANA®” or “S/4 for HANA®”

Whether you are an existing or planning to move to SAP HANA® as underlying database, performance of the systems may no longer be an issue, but the memory footprint of the HANA database will drive the cost for the HANA appliance and thus managing the data (archiving) is still absolutely needed to achieve the above said benefits. SmartDocs SmartStore archiving solutions can help you reach these goals with our secure and compliant platform.