Super-charge your Accounts Payable team with an AI-powered Supplier Portal integrated with SAP

Most AP solutions are focussed on allowing your teams to post more invoices in a day – but they do not address the problem holistically. To achieve overall optimization, initial ingestion/receipt of invoices into your system need to be streamlined. It is as the saying goes “Garbage-in Garbage-out”. If you get garbage into the system your team need to spend more time handling exceptions.

Even though you can’t get 100% compliance from your vendors regarding submitting high quality invoices without discrepancies, providing an easy to use intuitive supplier portal might convince them to submit invoices through it.
You can throw in some nice features like getting visibility into payments and ability to collaborate to get early payment discounts for Supply Chain Financing.


Implementing a modern AI-powered supplier portal is the best investment you can do to modernize your AP and procurement teams.
* Stop wasting your AP team’s time dealing with exceptions
* Increase AP team’s productivity by sending less exceptions through the system
* Get better quality invoices from suppliers
* You already invested in an AP automation solution – do the next logical thing to add an awesome Supplier Portal to complement it
* Improve your supplier relations by effective collaboration
* Connect your SAP system to a simple supplier Portal
* Add AI-Based chatbots to your AP team to streamline supplier collaboration
* Enforce vendor compliance by activating Strong controls at the source of invoice entry into your system

What if you can do get this within 10 days – start to go-live. Our team will Guide through the designing the best configuration Install and configure the system to work with your SAP ERP back-end system Provide your toolkit to onboard vendors to the portal