Onset of SAPPHIRE NOW 2018—a most awaited event of 2018 for SAP Customers

Much awaited event for SAP customers / partners / ISV is set to begin with the onset of SAPPHIRE NOW 2018. Every year, SAP and ASUG collaboratively host SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference for a span of three days. It is the largest global business technology event hosted by SAP & ASUG. During this 3- day event, the latest advanced solutions that SmartDocs has to offer on BPM , ECM & AI will be on display at our pod to help your digital journey.

About SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Event

SAP Sapphire Now— an annual Conference will be held, at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, USA, between 5th June to 7th June 2018. This event showcases /products in various areas which enables your organization to be future ready and focus on the options various available for your use cases. SmartDocs a SAP Silver Partner, being a leading cloud and AI based software solution provider focused in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) & Business Process Optimization (BPM) participates in this awesome event. This event is a great opportunity to join the extended communities like SmartDocs that uses SAP software as well as other services required by organizations every day, to learn how to run businesses efficiently and also grow from technology investment to be future ready. Business executives and IT employees from across the globe converge to learn more about latest products in the SAP space on offer and their roadmaps & landscape. During the course of event, hundreds of presentations, panels & keynotes cover the complete SAP ecosystem.

SAPPHIRE NOW event is a great platform for leading SAP Partners like SmartDocs to showcase our best SAP client success stories, discuss the challenges & opportunities faced by our customers . Further, this event discusses the key topics such as the improved and fast-tracked adoptions of latest technologies & cloud platforms, artificial intelligence, content management, process workflows, advanced analytics, automation & SAP S/4HANA success stories. Attendees who turned up for this event can explore the complete array of SmartDocs solutions and other numerous SAP products on display from SAP / Partners / ISV offerings that have given our clients a competitive edge.

Why to attend SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Event?

In today’s era, digitalization is no longer an option – it is significant to overcome challenges like fierce competition and commoditization in the fast-changing international marketplace. Many organizations are in a race to understand how SAP products aid them in the journey towards being digital business. This conference is a great opportunity to interact, meet & network with SAP, SmartDocs or other SAP partners from all over the globe. Also, this conference serves to be a niche for understanding SAP’s strategy. Further, it allows the business to get in touch with SmartDocs, to converse the facilitated process for transforming to a real digital company. SmartDocs offers a complete showcase of its tools, solutions, accelerators, & methodologies that aid client’s fast-track their digital transformation journey, as with our motto statement “ Digitize | Botify | Transform”.

Engage with SmartDocs, and experience our collaborating & experiential demos, and learn our cutting-edge solutions to strengthen your organization’s digital capabilities. Don’t Tarry! Attend the SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Event, with our clients to jumpstart your own digital journey.

About SmartDocs Inc.

SmartDocs is a global innovator in artificial intelligence (AI)-based enterprise chatbots, business process management (BPM), and enterprise content management (ECM) software. With deep integration to the SAP ERP application, SmartDocs products enable customers to quickly innovate, streamline, and realize digital transformation without significant investment in new hardware or software stacks. SmartDocs provides several comprehensive business solutions to address most areas of any organization, including finance, procurement, HR, and sales, that work side by side with SAP ERP and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. SmartDocs software is available both as cloud-based and on-premise deployment models

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