Supplier Portal

Supplier portal is a one place end to end solution which allows organization to manage supplier information, self service and other activities.

  • Controls data sync of vendor data from SAP
  • Supplier can flip PO's to invoice
  • Initiate workflows from supplier actions in the portal
  • Vendor can chat via skype or SMS for status etc.
  • Vendor can initiate master data changes
  • Manages and tickets can be sent by supplier from the portal
  • Supplier can get SMS alerts

Supplier Portal

  • Suppliers can interact in natural language
  • Supplier can connect through Skype or SMS for inquiries
  • Integrated with SAP and Smart Payables
  • Can create ASNs order confirmation
  • Google search
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Cloud based
  • Rapid deployment

Audit Capability

UsersVendor/supplier Portals offer audit capability over all of the controls. Improve controls over and an adaptability to keep up with the dynamic supplier changes, such as bank account info tracking, automatic notifications trigger, and similar.


Facilitate Invoicing, Procurement and other core functionality

Supplier portals allow you to track, capture, and identify all potential and additional payment-related credits, rebates, discounts, etc. Also, a not so well known supplier Portal benefit is that all of these functional processes will increase in effectiveness as you integrate the workflow and communication tools.

Process Automation

Supplier portals can automate the supplier onboarding processes. supplier Portal benefit is that a supplier can be granted self-service capabilities that can facilitate continual data submission and validation.


Supplier bot

Suppliers want to find the status of their invoices and find payment information as well as do order confirmations and Advanced Shipment Notices


Yes, SmartDocs supplier portal provides a single access point for current vendors to update their information and suppliers can track clear and status of picture .

Supplier portal lets you automate many aspects of supplier management, drastically reducing your administrative workload.Through a supplier portal, you can automatically receive & send notifications.

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

No servers are needed. The core application is an ABAP add-on that runs on your SAP ECC system.

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No server or hardware needed

Rapid Deployment

Go live in one week

Anywhere Access

Access from anywhere

Comprehensive Platform

Subscription based - No capital investment needed