Smart Vendor Management SAP Software Solutions

Smart Vendor Setup Process

Streamline vendor creation with a flexible workflow solution that allows collection of all vendor data and approval before setup of vendor master records.

Online Request Form

  • Users can initiate vendor creation requests

Flexible Workflow

  • Various process agents can participate

Efficient Approval

  • Users can approve any device

Native SAP Integration

  • Master data team can create vendors seamlessly in SAP

Audit Trail

  • Complete process audit trail

Supporting Documents

  • Attach any files

SAP Certified Add-on

  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Configurable process step and approvals
  • Complete audit trail
  • Process reporting
  • No need for complex MDM type products


Users can submit requests via a web form or from other workflow process.

No, approvers can access from any device and see all data and related supporting documents.

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

Once all the data is collected and appproved, master data analysts can create vendors as part of the workflow by going to VK01 with all the data pre-populate.

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No hardware required

Rapid Deployment

Go-Live with in few days

SAP Certified

No modification to SAP

Comprehensive Platform

Complete content management and BPM platform