Sales Price Change Approvals Management Software

Sales Price Approval

Web Forms

  • To create request

Add Supporting Documents

  • Attach files
  • Justification documents

Approval Process

  • Review by sales
  • Approval

Update pricing conditions

  • Automatic update to SAP

Mobile Approvals

  • Any device
  • Cloud based

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Full visibility

SAP Certified Add-on

  • Cloud based
  • No modification to SAP
  • Native integration with SAP
  • Approval process
  • Process collaboration


No, requests can be submitted via a cloud based portal without any new hardware.

Updates to pricing conditions are dione through standard SAP transaction VK11

No, users can login via any web browser and even through any smart phone.

They are stored on a secured Google drive account managed by SmartStore application.

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No hardware required

Rapid Deployment

Go-Live with in few days

SAP Certified

No modification to SAP

Comprehensive Platform

Complete content management and BPM platform