Expense Management

Bring all your business expenses on one platform. Find, track and manage them form any mobile or desktop devices.

Workflow Inbox

  • Approval Workflow
  • Workflow rules engine

SAP Intergation

  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Success factors integration

Initiate Request

  • Initiate expense requests

Mobile App

  • Mobile based initiations/approvals
  • Available in iOS and Android

AI Advantage

  • AI based chatbots for status querying
  • Status query through skype or facebook

User Management

  • Define users and user authorizations

Enterprise Grade Scanning

  • Paper Channel
  • Through mobile app


  • Link to business transactions

Receipts/Document Attachment

  • Cloud based storage
  • Quick access to attachments

Google Cloud Based

  • No hardware needed. Google powered search
  • Access right from browser or mobile devices
  • AI based chatbots for status querying from skype or facebook
  • Easy to communicate
  • Cloud based storage
  • Mobile based initiations and approvals


  • Corporate credit card monitoring and analysis
  • Greater Productivity
  • Decreases the time it takes to process
  • Reduce Paper
  • Lessen Processing Costs with Automated Workflows
  • Reimburse Employees Faster

AI based chatbots for status querying from skype or facebook.

They get stored securely on SmartStore which is an archive link compliant repository running in the cloud.

No servers are needed. The core application is an ABAP add-on that runs on your SAP ECC system.

Why SmartDocs?

Lowest TCO

No server or hardware needed

Rapid Deployment

Go live in one week

Anywhere Access

Access from anywhere

Comprehensive Platform

Subscription based - No capital investment needed