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About Us


SmartDocs is a global innovator in artificial intelligence (AI ) - based Enterprise Chat Bots, Business Process Management (BPM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. With deep integration to the SAP ERP application, and Cloudbased SaaS offerings, SmartDocs products enable customers to quickly innovate, streamline, and realize digital transformation without significant investment in new hardware or software stacks.

SmartDocs acts as the key to unlock your Digital Transformation goals. SmartDocs offers comprehensive business solutions and insights to address most areas of any organization including Finance, Sales, Procurement, Suppliers and HR that work side by side with your backend systems like SAP ERP and SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

SmartDocs works closely with SAP, Microsoft and Google based technologies to achieve minimum footprint and maximum digitization through integrated seamless solutions to achieve your goals. SmartDocs software is available both as cloud-based and on-premise deployment models


Digitize . Botify. Transform

To be part of your digital journey by optimizing and getting rid of paper from every process in your organization

Vision & Mission

2009 - Company incorporated with focus to build products that work for SAP enterprises

2010 - Launched SAP certified BPM Platform “SmartPROCESS Suite”

2011 - Globally SmartDocs was the first company to store SAP content on Google cloud

2012 - Launched Accounts Payables Solution “Smart Payables”

2013 - Launched Accounts Receivables Solution “Smart Receivables”

2014 - Launched Master Maintenance Solutions “Material Master”, “Vendor Master”, “Customer Master” and approvals on a mobile optimized applications

2015 - Launched OCR integration and Mobile Apps with existing product line Launched SmartDocs “R5 ECM” on SAP for document management

2016 - Launched Products which work independent of SAP landscape on SaaS model “R5 BPM”, “R5 ECM”, “iContracts”, “Supplier Portal”, “Smart People” Corner

2017 - Launched AI Powered platform “Synapse” that can integrate into existing product line

2018 - Launched AI powered Version 5.0 of solutions “S-Pay” & “Supplier Portal”

Global Presence

SmartDocs is experienced from years of delivering mature and reliable solutions to customers across various continents with their global and local requirements. SmartDocs does this successfully through a combination of local presence and partner network who have strong business presence at their respective places by which we ensure successful and on-time delivery of our range of products and solutions to fulfil our global client base

SmartDocs caters to North America, Europe & Asia customers with our offices across the United States and India. Our Channel partners caters to Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Australia & South American market.


SmartDocs board brings together a team of technology, business, and domain expertise who provide direction to the executive management in a dynamic economic and business environment. The board consists of all active founders, along with advisory members of the board who are global leaders and high achievers in business and society.

A collective experience of 100+ years in Automation, Product Development & Marketing, team is a mix of engineering, management, professionals focussed on delivering technologically advanced and reliable solutions to the industry.