Powered by HANA Cloud Platform and Google Apps for Work

Cloud based SaaS Document Management for SuccessFactors customers

Become TRUE paper less

Get rid of paper and manage all employee documents electronically.

Boost Productivity

HR staff do not have to waste time searching for documents any more.

Connect directly from SuccessFactors

Seamlessly navigate from SuccessFactors to Employee Dossier

Eliminate Paper from HR processes

Enterprise grade scanning client to quickly digitize paper employee documents. Documents can also be received in dedicated email channels and automatically linked to appropriate employee dossiers.

Boost productivity

HR personnel do not need to waste time finding paper documents and looking for latest versions of records.

Full Document Management features

Version management, check-in/check-out and all the core features of an Enterprise Content Management system

Support Country Specific customization

Flexible smart Views allow HR department to configure the folder structure specific local needed

Power by Hana Cloud Platform and Google Apps

Completely cloud based SaaS offering to augment SuccessFactors and SAP HCM

Supports Hybrid landscapes

Seamlessly support hybrid landscape of SuccessFactors and SAP HCM

Top question about Smart Payables
Do we need to modify SAP or SuccessFactors?

No, Employee Dossier is an extension to SuccessFactors and it integrates with SuccessFactors via navigation menu. For SAP HCM, the integration is through ArchiveLink and an ABAP add-on.

Do we need to using HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) to use this solution?

No, HCP is embedded into Employee Dossier solution and the HCP account will be automatically created when you deploy Employee Dossier with SuccessFactors.

Do we need to be using Google Apps for Work to deploy this application?

No, Google Apps for Work accounts will be created during the implementation. If you already have Google Apps accounts we can use that as well.