Google like Search

Search Business documents just like you search for information in Google search engine

No new hardware needed

No server software need to be installed. Everything needed outside SAP runs on Google Cloud.

Go-live in one week

No lengthy implementation cycles.

Google style search

Search for any content in the documents as well as the related SAP Business transactional data in one simple search bar

Cloud based SaaS offering

No new hardware to provision. Documents get stored securely on Google Cloud infrastructure. Hybrid cloud scenarios are also supported.

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Enterprise-grade Scanning software included

Digitize documents rapidly with enterprise grade scanning software with bar-code support, advanced page separation and other high end features.

No modifications to SAP

A simple ABAP add-on gets installed on your ECC system. This provides native access to end users to store document with standard SAP transactions

Intelligent and efficient Linking

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Simple and efficient mechanisms to link the documents either automatically or with minimal user intervention.

Version management including Check-in/Check-out

Securely allow users to add new versions of business documents and allow collaboration within teams

Access to documents from anywhere

Search and retrieve documents along side SAP data from any device.

Top question about Smart Docs
What type of Documents can be stored and attached to SAP transactions?

Almost any file of document can be stored and attached. Popular file types like PDF, JPEG, TIFF as well as Office document types like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are natively supported.

What SAP transactions are supported?

Almost all SAP transactions are supported. Any Business Object in Business Suite which has support for ArchiveLink is supported. Even for custom transactions/Business Objects, SmartDocs enablement is quite simple.

Do I have to open our firewall settings to use SmartDocs?

No. SmartDocs application which resides in Google Cloud does not make any calls to your SAP ECC system. Only our ABAP add-on makes out bound http calls to our cloud APIs.

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